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'Sheetal is just incredible. From the moment you meet her she just omits such a positive vibe....she took the time to explain everything so well and with such passion. I was so relaxed and at the end of the treatment I was amazed with what she could tell me about myself- physically, mentally and emotionally. A true gift. Cannot wait for my next session.'

Shradha S,

'I had the most incredible experience...such a special reflexology treatment which incorporates crystal healing, visualisation & chakra balancing. I know reflexology is amazing, but Sheetal has taken the experience and healing to another level.

Reena H,

'Her room is tranquil..if you are in need of some balancing, if life has become overwhelming, your emotions are all over the place, or you are suffering with a specific health condition, I highly recommend you try alternative therapies such as reflexology, alongside the more mainstream practices to help transform and heal yourself'

Anisha K, 

Take charge of your own journey, make it happen for YOU! 

Life is YOUR journey, steer it in the direction that makes you most happy and most fulfilled.  

Sheetal, SatyaSoul Reflexology & Wellbeing

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